Wednesday, January 02, 2008
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Since it’s the New Year I thought I would write about New Year Resolution I once had. Back in 1994 I had an idea for an online business; I pondered it for a while, talked to friends and family and then made the big leap to start it. Well as you may not know. Starting an online at that time was very time consuming, technology was still in its most infant stages, credit card security wasn't up to par and on top of it all, It costs me a ton of upfront cash for developing my online store. Which in today’s standards it wasn’t much. I had a database of products, images and a simple checkout. Each component took lots of time and energy to manage. Keeping a small business owner (Like myself at the time) away from the real picture, sell sell sell. Now let’s jump ahead to 2008, if you’re like me and had an idea to sell a product (and I mean virtually anything), with a few clicks and a free Google checkout account you’ll be in business in no time flat. At least with ClickCarts :) and every aspect of your online business is managed with easy to use simple tools. Built with the novice in mind, but gives you the power of a top-notch store fronts like (who have spent millions on there store), I like to call it ecommerce for dummies, but don’t be afraid anymore, I was there too. So if you’re one of those who said to themselves on New Years “I will start that business this year!” Give us a call, I would love to hear your story.

Below is a couple of links for you reference.

Google checkout:

ClickCarts Inc.

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