Wednesday, February 18, 2009
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So I've been reading a lot of new news about the SEO battle that every website is always thriving to tweak, update and make better. We'll I came across some good tips from a recent article. That explained tips about google keywords etc. Along with all the great tips one of most interesting parts about the article that I found it was written by a woman. Now not that I don't think this a new revolution but rather a perspective on research done from a different view point, I haven’t come across many times. I then turned and looked within myself as a male in the ecommerce and technical world; I tend to lose focus on details (Something most all women never do.) many of which she suggested I never would have thought of.  So if you’re looking to have a website redesign done look further than just SEO because getting a potential customer to your site is in the all details, none left out and if your not sure. Well you know..


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